Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pottery Barn Candle Agarwood Tabac Dupe

I love thrifty finds.

I also love very expensive candles. They burn longer and have a better scent payoff that tend to be complex and luxurious.

My all time favorite scent is a Jo Malone candle in the scent, White Jasmine and Mint
AT $65 PER CANDLE I can live without

For the fall I LOVE the homey scent of Agarwood Tabac from Pottery Barn.

The scent is described on the website as "Agarwood Tabac Fragrance Notes: calabrian bergamot, black peppercorn, amber, jasmine, tonka bean, agarwood, tabac, Bourbon vanilla, dry cedar and teak wood."

To me it smells like a fancy house with a fireplace burning with herb, pine needles,  and sweet perfume (probably the vanilla and jasmine). This is the kind of house that has a butter and herb roasted chicken cooking and apple pie with vanilla ice cream ready for dessert. 

I am hungry now. SORRY if you are too.

At $39.99 this candle is still  pricey. I bought the diffuser for $35, but I had a gift card and extra 20% coupon. 

Now for the DUPE that smells BETTER than Agarwood Tabac.

The candle Winter, by Bath and Body Works. It isn't an exact match but pretty close.

The scent is described online '"Invite the wintry essence of glittering icicles and sparkling snowflakes indoors with notes of pine needles, fir balsam and winter woods."

I first came across this candle at a friend's house. I was familiar with the Slatkin & Co Candles but not this one. This scent is actually a stronger pay off than the Pottery Barn one.

They are $19.95 but Bath and Body Works runs two for $20 deals all the time, so I always wait until the sale and get two three wick candles for $10 a piece!

Neither candle is overly wintery/fall by any means and I plan to use both scents year round. 

Other Slatkin & Co candles I love: Leaves (a blogger/vlogger fall favorite) and Brandied Pear.

Now get out there and smell them!


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