Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Progress!

Last week I was browsing Marshall's with a good friend and we stumbled upon one of the best finds EVER.

YES that says $ 252.00 and it is for a whole freakin' couch.

The problem was it was 8PM at night and we had no way to get it to my house. My husband was also on work travel and I didn't know if he would approve.

So I let it go...


I thought about it for 18 hours STRAIGHT and decided to rush home from work  the next day to buy it.

Then, guess what happened?


Do you ever get a little psycho the second you find a HUGE DEAL?!?! I know I do. For some reason I just thought someone was going to come in and sweep that couch out from under me. Literally (I was sitting on it claiming it).  I sat on it for about 10 minutes "testing it out". 

Actually that is a fib, I sat on it for 10 minutes hoping that a salesperson would come over to me so that I wouldn't have to go find someone. I was so afraid that someone was going to take it!

With no salesperson in sight and potential buyers swarming (not really).

What is a girl to do? I made this sign so that I could go find a salesperson so that NO ONE else would think they could have it.  

Now I know you weren't thinking I was psycho the first time I said it BUT I know you are thinking it now.

It's okay I still love you.

It is so so perfect! I think it will look great with the airplane wing. The fabric has some "shimmer" silver in it.

We also made some progress with the AIRPLANE WING this weekend after dealing with getting the couch to our house. 

I will post about that later this week.




  1. yeah!!!! i love it.........

    it was surely meant to be...



  2. Christina don't worry about the sign .... You are not Psycho..those are your 50% Puertorrican genes acting out. So there...that's the explanation for your behavior!.

  3. SERIOUSLY!?!?!? I read this and got fooled so many times!!

    "... I let it go" I thought (WHAT! no way!) then bam! gotcha.

    "...sold" i thought (NO!...SO UNLUCKY)... bam! gotcha again.

    I was laughing out loud. so funny. :) and i love the couch + tjmaxx = AWESOME.