Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EPIC Room Makeover 2012

So my all time favorite blog is having a contest.... NATURALLY when I decided to do this it was go big, or GO HOME, to your crappy room, ha!

Mandi is my kind of celebrity, just someone you can look up to, as she is true to herself and grounded morally. Mandi uses her gifts in the most beautiful way and she is so lucky she has been able to share her talents with the world! Meeting her would be a dream come true (well a dream since 2010) but since I live across (Virginia) the country and couldn't come to her junk sale etc...

I remember back to when she painted her kitchen ORANGE and then glazed it black!

I normally am super shy and wouldn't even dream about entering something like this.... as you can see I started this blog in 2011 and have one or two posts. Life got in the way and well here I am.

I like to think of myself as creative, but I have been in a slump. My dream would be to be able to do things like Mandi on a daily basis. Right now though, consulting for an engineering firm pays the bills and takes up 99% of my time.

I have never won anything (okay one time in a mall I won some Tommy Hilfiger cologne) so that is a fib, but I have never won anything this big!

Additional Pictures:

Before we painted it blue, and it didn't get any better.....


  1. You are the cutest! I really want you to win!

  2. Christina I hope you WIN! :) miss char-char!

  3. Hi Christina-

    I just wanted to wish you luck- your videos have been amazing!

    Top ten # 7


    1. Oh my gosh Lynda, I knew you would make it!!!! I loved how you let your girls "paint" your room!

      One of my favorite videos.

      You're so sweet. Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog!

      I'm so flattered you have watched them, gosh I was just getting silly.

      Good luck!

    2. maybe if one of us wins, we could come help out at the other person's house, seriously that would be so much fun!!!


      Good luck!!!!

    3. DEAL.... I mean what better way to spend my leave?! I would totally do it.

  4. I have to go with an Army wife! Here's hoping you win!

  5. Enjoyed your video, and you're so sweet in your post here. I love how you had a little fib about winning, you treasure that cologne...I won a facial from a 5k once--my big win!! -Kristen #5;)