Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Sorry, pardon the pun, but I love them.

I apologize for not posting yesterday....I'm sure you were wondering what happened.

Welp, I didn't win the contest and I am really bummed out about it.

 I just needed a day to let that soak in, after two weeks of videos/posts/pictures/jokes etc. and begging you to vote. I could not have done all that stuff without your support and I am truly thankful!

I am feeling MUCH better today. 

In fact, so much better that I have decided not to quit. Quitting is for losers. I certainly have not lost ANYTHING by entering Mandi's Epic Room Makeover.

I think I will keep up this blogging in my spare time and keep you all up to date on that airplane wing and mess of a room of mine.

I made a plan and I am expecting to spiffy up this blog with a better logo and theme etc by the middle of October. I'd like to also have up some tutorials about how we turn an airplane wing into a desk.

The 10 ladies in the final made a Facebook Group and we have all been brainstorming on how to concur our rooms. I just think its so so great. They are all the nicest people ever! Seriously when is competition ever this nice? I love it.

 I wanted to give you all the first PEAK into my idea for the room. I like to do these "inspiration" boards and I'm sure I'll do a couple before I decide on the final concept.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Be honest.

I know there are a lot of juxtapositions going on here and ALOT of color. I really had to channel my inner Mandi, because I normally go for neutrals that will match everything.

I want to mix a modern accent wall (the rest will stay navy) for the wing desk but have other "traditional" patterns like florals, chinese  porcelain, and needpoint to offset the modern stuff.

Things we own that I'd like to keep in the room:
-Black leather couch that needs "feet"
-The brown wing chair featured
-Two mid-century modern side tables

Reminder of what it looks like now (See the couch, chair, and 2 side tables?)
The wall behind the couch will be the "accent wall"

BY THE WAY, how do I get rid of popcorn ceilings?

Love you all!

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  1. oh, the popcorn ceiling...never had to do it, but know people who that one,my friend. I'm not a big fan of the black and purple on the wall, (you did ask what "we" think) but if you love it, go with it. I'd say go with one dark and one lighter shade, like purple and gold or silver. It looks slightly halloween-y. Excited about the desk!!!