Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inspiration and help for friends!

It has been very helpful to make design concepts to get husband "buy-in" for re-design. I have been asked by some friends to make some inspiration boards for their spaces as well.

Below are 5 designs I did for them. I wanted to share some of my ideas with you, and show you how some pieces you love can be translated from a bedroom to a living room.

I'm quite proud of them. Design should reflect the person and never be too serious. Yes, these are right on trend, but they are designs that will last and can be changed/altered due to some of the staples used.

My favorite here is the hello kitty alarm clock.

I was inspired particularly by this piece of artwork from IKEA. It's young, fun and colorful! 

The key here is to make it your own with some modern Mickey art.  Add somethings that are feminine with a faux fur throw and pink flowers balancing the masculine with a brass skull paperweight and heavy vintage gold gilded frames.

To temper the modernness add classic/traditional furniture like the headboard, couch and side tables.


Lamps (139.91 each)White Stool: ($140.00)Faux Brown Throw: ($99)Tufted Headboard:|dept20000011|cat100240019|cat100240021|RICHREL&grView=&eventRootCatId=&currentTabCatId=&regId= ($400)Side Tables: ($99 Each)Art work above bed: ($99)Aqua Zebra Pillow: ($142)Hello Kitty Alarm Clock: ($13)Green and Blue Pillow: (price unknown, wayfair may have similar)Golden Retriever Pillow: ($55)Chanel book set:{keyword}&adtype=pla&gclid=CIjBqvqU_7ICFYyZ4AodMigA4A ($75)Milk glass vase: Good willGold Skull: ($98)

White Stool:$140.00)
Faux Brown Throw: ($99)
Side Tables: ($99 Each)
Art work above bed: ($99)
Aqua Zebra Pillow: ($142)
Green and Blue Pillow: (price unknown, wayfair may have similar)
Golden Retriever Pillow: ($55)
Chanel book set:{keyword}&adtype=pla&gclid=CIjBqvqU_7ICFYyZ4AodMigA4A ($75)
Milk glass vase: Good will
Gold Skull: ($98)
Sofa: ($400)
Mickey Art: Custom
Gold frames: vintage/goodwill finds


1:Mickey Art: CustomGold frames: vintage/goodwill findsBlack Frame: ($29.99)Dresser: (with custom dipped pink legs)Flower Pot similar here: ($14)Brass Display case: (Sold) Chair: (sold out)Gold Lamp: (over $400)Vintage Books brown and blue: ($40)Murcury glass candles: DIY : Pillow: ($60)2: Dresser: custom dipped pink legs)Flower Pot similar here: ($14)
Brass Display case: (Sold)
Blue Chair: (sold out)
Gold Lamp: (over $400)
Vintage Books brown and blue: ($40)
Murcury glass candles: DIY :
Ikat Pillow: ($60)
Brass Display case: (Sold) Chair: (sold out)Gold Lamp: (over $400)Vintage Books brown and blue: ($40)Murcury glass candles: DIY : Pillow: ($60)

Putting it together:

I like to use PowerPoint...  it is just what I have on my computer.

Start with a color combo.

Make squares for wall color and play around with the "send to back" function to stack pieces.

On newer versions there is a way you can make the background of a picture "transparent". This helps  to make everything come together even more.


Caitlin Wilson PillowNeedlepoint  Coral Pillow:
Art  in Confetti

**Sorry I don't have more of the links, this was done for a friend to DIY pieces she already owns!


Switching notes...

Not only do I like to help out my friends with design, but today I'd like to ask you to help me help out a friend in another way.

My friend's family was devastated by this recent hurricane. Their town of Manasquan, NJ was torn apart!

Please keep all the survivors/ victims etc... in your prayers.

I know Christmas is just around the corner.... consider this as part of your giving for the year! Just $10.00 would help them out so much!!!


Thank you for your kindness, we are just heartbroken for them.


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