Monday, December 3, 2012

How to have a perfectly beautiful and not a really really "Fast-mas" Christmas

SIDE NOTE**I love all my readers, you are all friends and family here... this blog is a true reflection of me and my interests and I can only hope that the below interests you too! Sincerely, C

It really really bothers me when people call Christmas, X-mas.  I was just brought up that way, we were never allowed to call it that.

 But for today's post I'm doing just that...  taking the Christ out and calling it "Fast-mas".  That's honestly how its feeling and has felt for the past 2 years.  (The year before that we were on our honeymoon and had the most amazing laid back Christmas ever!)

Anyhow, Christmas this year is coming**Fetching** FAST.

All I want is for the Earth to take maybe 3 more weeks to complete it's yearly cycle around the sun between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Is that so much to ask?

Hurrying to get every Christmas project done, every light up, every gift by Dec 1st.  I do it because I love this time of year and in hopes that if I get everything done early I can truly enjoy every moment.

Like these sweet moments trying to take our Christmas card photo:

Usually though, it just ends up me being burnt out and disappointed because of my unreasonably high expectations. Not just tangled in lights.

I have a plan on how to keep the Christ IN and slow things down...

This is me trying to take a step back and breath in my Slatkin & Co Winter candle and take some time for inner reflection. (by the way: YOU MUST BUY THIS CANDLE)

My AMAZING friend and co-worker Anna invited me to a Christmas tea at her church. Tea parties were always soooo my thing with my American Girl doll.

Blair Linne was the key note speaker and she talked to us about beauty.

I've always tried so hard during the holidays to make everything beautiful, including myself. Hair, makeup up, outfit, and everything- you know, the works! We see so many people at parties and celebrations, I've always felt pressure to look my absolute best and to ensure that I received compliments that I did indeed looked beautiful.

My focus for Christmas this season is to focus on the beauty of my heart instead.  This was Blair's message and it is perfect timing to regain focus before that lost/tired/burnt out feeling overcomes me.

While working to make my house Christmas ready, I am working on me too because I know that's what will bring me true joy and happiness at not only at Christmastime but eternally.

If you'd like to know more about her or see her perform please watch this link below:

LOVE her to pieces!  I tweeted at her after the tea and was SO EXCITED to get a tweet back from her.

 Praise God!


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