Thursday, November 1, 2012


So you've seen the bad and the ugly (here).

Now lets get to the good and the are some Insta-gram shots from the other rooms in my house.  I am constantly changing things around (so even these are kinda of old) it's nice to capture how things were and how they have evolved.

The Dressing Room

Formal Living Room

1950's Ice cream Advertisements/Warhol Style Art against our DIYed metallic/matte stenciled wall.

AND A THIRD ONE (ignore the plugs and wires to the right, everyone knows that in real design photos people don't ACTUALLY USE their appliances, well we do)

More Ice cream theme... this time it's a framed Shel Silverstein poem.

The office wall ( cannot show a real time photo because this room is a my craft/junk room right now.

The Man Cave and Bar (I was once told that all great marriages have a man cave)

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  1. Please include Charlotte belle in your next Blog !!