Monday, January 14, 2013

Sketchy Changes...


It's been difficult getting back to writing blog posts. All my projects have really halted except cooking (hosting dinners/parties).

Honestly though, I pretty much SKETCHED out of here and did not post a thing. I didn't even think about our current unfinished projects.

Sorry I'm not sorry, particularly, because I actually followed my own advice and paid attention to what really matters over the holidays. I am really happy I took that time to focus on family, but I did miss blogging and posting.

SO there was some art accomplished. I did a couple paintings and sketches for Christmas presents this year.

I also produced this sketch for the blog ...

I call it, "Le plateau de table est malheureux"

Just kidding it's called, "My Bright Pets".

So there really isn't a name, I don't name my artwork. I mean- unless there's some sort of inside joke. 

In all seriousness...I'm hoping to post some of my art like this from time to time.

What do you think my 'lil missy? I just love it and now want to do some renditions of it like with my favorite chairs or picture frames. Do you have any other suggestions for a 10 block sketch?