Monday, September 17, 2012


HOLY FRIJOLES! I MADE IT and it is all because of you guys.


SO NOW, voting is open until NEXT Monday at Midnight.

scroll to the bottom to vote ONCE per DAY per IP Address

Here is my TOP TEN VIDEO and PLEAD!

Over the past week and a half I have been posting an exhibit of myself. There are 6 videos where I have attempted to manifest the “epic-ness” of this opportunity. To me, this is equivalent to winning the Miss America pageant, the lottery, American Idol, Project Runway etc. Your decision as a voter is very tough. Because of this, I knew the only way to win YOU and your very special vote would be to provide you with some unique facts about me, Christina, at Cavalier on Annandale and to continue to prove to you how much I want this. I know you are going to enjoy my room as the EPIC Room Makeover 2012 the most!  I promise that if voted to win this contest, it will not be taken for granted. I would be honored.  To keep that promise, if I win I will do a video of the “Gangnam Style” dance, for you. Really. Other things about me to note: I have an unhealthy obsession for things cotton candy flavored, I’m an Army wife, I love to paint, my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, and my favorite movie is Shakespeare in Love!

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